Persist Last Active Tab

  • Environment: Windows 10 using fresh downloads of Notepad++ zip package 64-bit x64

    1. Launch Notepad++.
    2. In the “new 1” tab type ‘a’.
    3. On the toolbar click the New icon.
    4. In the “new 2” tab type ‘b’.
    5. Click X in the top right to close the application.
    6. Launch Notepad++.

    Results: In version 7.5.6 the “new 2” tab is selected while in 7.5.7 it is the “new 1” tab.

    Interested if this change is intentional and if a new setting offers enabling of the old behavior?

  • @Karen-Xavier

    For me with the same scenario with the exception of Win7 rather than Win10, it remembers the most-recently-active tab after a restart.

  • @Scott-Sumner Thank-you for the Windows 7 data point. Confirmed the 7.5.7 tab behavior change across all of our Windows 10 systems–versions 1607 and 1803. We are not experiencing any issues with 7.5.6 and will simply postpone our application upgrade.

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