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  • I need to convert a file to the ISO-8859-16 character set but I can’t seem to find it under Eastern European and Southern European doesn’t exist as an option.

    • ISO/IEC 8859-16:2001 is part of the ISO/IEC 8859 series of ASCII-based standard character encodings, first edition published in 2001. It is informally referred to as Latin-10 or South-Eastern European.

    I can find ISO-8859-15 but not 16. Anyone know how to do this with Notepad++ or should I use something else?

  • Hello, @nikola-androić,

    I’ve already begun to think about your problem and I cannot see an easy solution :-(( So, to go further on, if you don’t mind, could you tell us :

    • Your nationality or, if you prefer, the current language used by your OS ?

    • What is the present encoding of the file which you intend to convert/encode in ISO-8859-16, when it is opened in N++ ? ( just have a look to the right part of the status bar, at bottom of the screen )

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    To All : Just remember that converting a file and encoding a file are two completely different operations ! May be, that post will give me the opportunity to speak about these two concepts :-))

  • It’s a subtitle file in Croatian. Present encoding is ANSI. tl;dr I want to be able to watch a movie with Croatian subtitles on my TV but some characters are not displayed properly.

  • Fricking 3 minute edit limit and 20 minutes per post jesus…

    Can’t figure out a way to get the characters to what they are supposed to be without manually replacing them. This is what I’m talking about. Image

    So I’m basically asking what is the best encoding for a file in Croatian and which character set to use so I can use that file on my PC and on my TV?

    Obviously not an expert in this field so sorry if I used the wrong terminology.

  • @Nikola-Androić said:

    Fricking 3 minute edit limit and 20 minutes per post jesus…

    Blame the lowlifes that think spamming is fun…I’ve upvoted you twice so you should have no posting limitations now.

  • Hi, @nikola-androić,

    May I ask you about two simple tests ?

    Test 1 :

    • In the Run menu, type the DOS command cmd

    • Once the DOS console windows opened, type chcp and valid with the Enter key

    => What is the number displayed, after the Active code page : text ?

    Test 2 :

    • Start Notepad++

    • Open any file or your Croatian subtitle file, with the ANSI encoding

    • Select the menu option Edit > Character Panel

    • Goto to the end of the list, which appears, on the right of the screen

    • Look at the 8 characters, with decimal code between 248 and 255

    => Which are the glyphs of the last eight characters, among the 7 possibilities, below :

    • Case A : řůúűüýţ˙ ( Windows 1250 - Central European )

    • Case B : шщъыьэюя ( Windows 1251 - Cyrillic )

    • Case C : øùúûüýþÿ ( Windows 1252 - Western European )

    • Case D : ψωϊϋόύώ ( Windows 1253 - Greek )

    • Case E : øùúûüışÿ ( Windows 1254 - Turkish )

    • Case F : ųłśūüżž˙ ( Windows 1257 - Baltic )

    • Case G : øùúûüư₫ÿ ( Windows 1258 - Vietnamese )



    P.S. :

    Of course, I didn’t speak of Windows 1255 and Windows 1256 , which refer, respectively, to the Hebrew and Arabic Windows encodings !

  • Test 1: Active code page: 437.

    Test 2: Case C - Windows 1252.

  • @Nikola-Androić

    I don’t want to confuse but just want to make sure that it should be also checked if
    the application which shows the subtitles is actually able to show the encoding or
    is expecting that encoding - most application I came across, nowadays,
    handle data in a unicode format like utf-8.


  • Hi, @nikola-androić,

    Sorry to be late :-(( I was building a list of, both, monospaced and proportional fonts, which could support the ISO 8859-16 encoding and I, also, updated my own list of valuable monospaced fonts for Notepad++ :-))

    However, to possibly solve your problem, it would be better to test with the real file, indeed ! So, could you, please, send me, by e-mail, your subtitle Croatian file, or part of it, in case of important size ?

    Of course, I would fully understand if you do not accept because of confidential or personal data !!

    My e-mail address is :

    Best regards,