Is it possible to edit/modify a "Language"

  • I would like to modify the ‘BlitzBasic’ language. Is there a way to access and modify the descriptor file (or whatever they call it)?

  • @Henri-Monnier

    the builtin langauges like python, blitzbasic, c, … are source compiled.
    If you want to change it you need to modify the needed lexer and recompile it.
    Because npp started using a signed scintilla dll you need to modify the source code
    of npp as well, which basically means you come up with your own version of npp.

    Another way would be to create an user defined language which is basically an xml
    file which gets loaded to the udl lexer.
    You can do a lot with udl but depending on the language it might be that not every piece can be done. Documentation about UDL is here.


  • @Henri-Monnier

    Short of modifying the lexer or creating a user-defined language, there are a couple of small changes you can make to the way a language is highlighted.

    First, you can add new “words” of various kinds to be highlighted by editing the stylers.xml file.

    Second, you can use the menu option Settings–>Style Configurator to change the appearance of various language features.

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