• Hi there, is there any way to add unity3d based on monobehaviour and c# language style to notepad++ style list? I think, some noobie people really need it. Just like me who use Notepad++ as script editor in Unity3d 2018. I dont understand much. But anyway Thankyou very much.

  • If you go to notepad-plus-plus.org and click on “resources” on the left side and scroll down to “User Defined Languages” there’s a link that takes you to the wiki page for UDLs. Unity3d is in the list. At the end of the list there are directions on how to install a UDL. C# is included with NPP. If you’re not looking for two different languages but one super specific flavor of Unity3d, you may have to edit an existing UDL or create your own.

    Good Luck

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