My session.xml have been wiped out... Can I recover it?

  • Hi friends,

    I had around 50 tabs openened in N++.

    This is how I kept track of all the things I had to do. However last night something went wrong and this morning I woke up to see a strange warning about a file that couldn’t be loaded, and when I accepted the warning, I found out my session disappeared: there was just the default new1.txt file on it.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I rebooted the system just to find out nothing got restored.

    I have:

    • reopened session.xml to find out it was “empty” (session keeps recorded again, but my old good session is gone)
    • searched for temporary files that could help me out on /Temp folder, to no avail
    • tried to reload a session from N++, to no avail (it only loads single old files that I don’t need anymore)

    Is there some way I could recover that precious session?
    Thanks for any help.

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