Encoding not retained when moving a file to a new instance.

  • This is just a very minor inconvenience, but when I drag and drop a file i’m editing into it’s own window it reverts back to ANSI encoding.
    I want it to remain OEM-US. I guess I need to change the default encoding.

    I see an option, Settings>Preferences>New Document>Encoding, which i’ve already set to OEM-US.
    I’ve also tried to edit and save the file with OEM-US encoding before moving it to a new instance.

  • This question pertains to Notepad++ v7.5.5 32-bit, running on Windows XP.

  • Hello @compu-chan and All,

    On my Win XP configuration, I did a test :

    • I downloaded the 7z archive of the last 7.5.8 version of Notepad++

    • I extracted all files in folder D:\Test

    • I started N++ and I customized in Settings > Preferences.. my usual settings and, particularly, the Backup > Remember current session for next launch option

    • As you, I set the default encoding to OEM-US encoding, in Setting > Preferences...> New document > Encoding

    • Then, I opened several files ( change.log, license.txt, readme.txt )

    => Of course, the default encoding used, for existing files is ANSI

    • So, I changed, for instance, the encoding of the readme.txt file to OEM-US

    => And, after closing and re-starting Notepad++, I do get the same OEM-US encoding for the readme.txt file !

    • Now, I opened a console DOS window and moved to the D:\test folder

    • With the command notepad++.exe -multiInst, I opened a new instance of N++

    => As expected, this 2nd instance contained all the files of the 1st instance ( current session ) and the encoding of readme.txt was, indeed, OEM-US

    • Then, I closed this second instance and re-opened it, without any session, with the DOS command notepad++ -nosession -multiInst

    => As expected, only a new 1 file was opened, with the customized encoding OEM-US

    • I opened the readme.txt file and, this time, as you saw, the encoding of readme.txt was ANSI !

    • Again, I closed this second instance and re-opened it, without any session, with the DOS command notepad++ -nosession -multiInst

    • Now, using the Ctrl + Drag and Drop, I copied the readme.txt tab of the 1st N++ instance to the 2nd N++ instance

    => Again, the default encoding of the readme.txt file was ANSI

    Simply, note that this behaviour is identical, if no 2nd instance is involved in process ! Indeed :

    • Close any supplementary instance of N++

    • Now, close your 1st N++ instance

    => On re-starting N++, the readme.txt encoding is still OEM-US, according to information of the session.xml configuration file

    • Then close ( Ctrl + W ) the readme.txt tab and re-open it with the Restore Recent Closed File command ( Ctrl + Shift + T )

    As during the tests, above, with a 2nd instance, the initial OEM-US encoding is lost and the default ANSI encoding is chosen for the readme.txt file !

    Conclusion :

    You must live with this small drawback :-((. And, to my mind, if you want to keep a chosen encoding, taken from Encoding > Character Sets, for a given file, from one session to another, closing and re-starting N++, the only way seems :

    • Get the option Remember current session for next launch ticked, in Preferences... > Backup

    • Do not close the given file’s tab, before exiting N++

    Best regards,


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