NotePad ++ V [7.5... 7.5.9] (Crash & Bugs)

  • NotePad ++ V7.5.8

    Crash: the entry point in the Kernel32 procedure is not found.
    Next Launch, generated - Blue Screen (XP32-SP2EN corporate edition - OEM)
    I use this OS as debug (for repair and correction of other OS), please Fix it.

  • @Odin24

    As of this writing there is no v.7.5.9, please endeavor to proofread before posting.

  • @Scott-Sumner [7.5… 7.5.9] What in this text to you is unclear? I specified versions with 7.5 on 7.5.9 taking into account the future, on that case if someone has problems with version 7.5.9 inclusively and only in order that subjects were not duplicated.

  • More info for (XP32-SP2EN corporate edition - OEM): BlueScreen.
    Stop: C000021a
    SubSys: 0xC0000005 (0x7c9106c3 0x006eec24)& for npp.7.5.1 (0x7c9106c3 0x00cbec24)

  • @Odin24 said:

    taking into account the future, on that case if someone has problems with version 7.5.9 inclusively and only in order that subjects were not duplicated.

    Yeah…that makes zero sense…but that is not surprising.

  • First, the topic must be renamed to “Notepad++ 7.5.x under Windows XP SP2”.
    Second, I’m afraid that Windows XP SP2 and any early versions of Windows will never be supported in future versions of Notepad++. Modern C++ compilers (with features of C++11, C++14 etc., that Notepad++'s source code relies on) require at least Windows XP SP3 as the target system. And even Windows XP SP3 is supported via an additional Platform Toolset (e.g. “v140_xp”) whereas the default one targets at least Windows Vista (e.g. “v140”).

  • Hmm…learned some interesting things:

    • @PeterJones downvoted me. :-(
    • I can’t see WHO downvoted me by hovering over the -1…no little popup–this doesn’t seem fair :-(
    • The little bell shows “upvoted” instead of “downvoted”:


    Rereading I still don’t understand why the OP name-dropped a non-existent 7.5.9…


    …but hopefully with @Vitaliy-Dovgan 's info this thread is put to bed.

  • The system doesn’t allow to rename subject heading: Error
    You are only allowed to edit posts for 180 second(s) after posting.
    I can make nothing with it. I agree to rename if only whom not to irritate. I just wanted to learn whether there will be a support of XP in versions since 7.5 and further. If isn’t present, then anything terrible, for me it is not the tragedy. Into the account of SP3 and C ++ I Have understood (would establish SP3, only after that the system goes to 100% loading - I have tried everything that to correct it - it hasn’t turned out. Probably it is incompatibility of the equipment). That if the author has decided not to support XP, this his right any more, it is necessary manages what is. If I have enraged someone, you don’t harbor malice - I doesn’t intend

  • Mine says I upvoted you. I don’t believe I’ve ever downvoted on this forum.

  • Whether I hover over the ^ or the v on one I’ve upvoted, it still lists my name; but the ^ is blue and the v is the normal unclicked grey.

    You’re right, though: when I’ve seen negative-voted posts, hover-over won’t show the negative-voters. My guess is to ensure that there aren’t retaliations for negative votes.

  • @PeterJones

    Yea, I think my first post in this thread, currently at level 0, was maybe upvoted by you and then you took it away (in light of my second post…haha)? So maybe that is where the notification came from. I see your name if I hover the 0.

    Regarding my 2nd posting, sitting currently at -1, someone else must have done that, but I maintain it isn’t fair for me not to see who did that. I guess I can get my head around why others shouldn’t see who did it, but why not me?

  • Actually, when I first saw that post, it was downvoted; I upvoted it to bring the score to 0.

    I have no knowledge of how much is in the NodeBB requirements, and how much it is just in the particular configuration of the NodeBB instance on this site… but I’m still guessing it’s set that way to avoid grudges / retaliation: if you don’t know who downvoted your post, you don’t know who to hold grudge against.

    I’m not sure I agree with the unbalanced approach – it’d be more fair to have all votes private, than to have this mix of +=public, -=private.

    From the way I see it, plus-votes could have a similar problem with favoritism: if I counted and saw that Claudia had upvoted more of my posts than you had, maybe I’d start going back and upvoting all of her posts, just to ensure that she got ahead in the reputation race. (Or, if I were really vindictive, also downvote yours.)

    Hence, why the imbalance of visibility?

    Anyway, we’ve really veered off the original topic. Fortunately, ++Vitaliy has provided the best answer possible, I think, given what’s been posted.

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