Lost unsaved data on open file after upgrade

  • I have a open file which has lots of unsaved or modified data, when upgrade took place application closed and reopened but unfortunately the data which was not saved in open file is not showing and even not able to find in backup location. how to recover that data

  • There are some pointers to possible locations in this other thread… maybe some of those will help.

    But as was recommended in that earlier topic: it’s best to take charge of your own data safety. There are circumstances outside of the control of any given editor which might make it impossible for it to perform backup in an emergency; and there are unforeseen circumstances which possibly could have been coded for but were missed. Since, as a user, I don’t know when those unforeseen or impossible circumstances may arise, I make sure I “save early, save often”.

    Personally, I never let software do its automatic update in the middle of a session if I’ve got any unsaved or potentially-unsaved data open in that application.

  • Thanks for your reply, as i said i have already checked the backup folder there is nothing

  • @suresh-kumar

    I would presume that your data is just GONE. Heeding the advice of @PeterJones moving forward would seem a smart thing…

  • Then, unfortunately, that data is likely gone, unless you had a separate backup procedure in place.

    I am working on a bug report to submit to https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues … if you wouldn’t mind answering:

    • Did you have ☑ Enable session snapshot and periodic backup enabled when the data was lost?
    • What was the exact sequence of events? In the earlier thread, @Adrian-Machin saw the auto-update message, allowed it to update, then when Notepad++ restarted, it warned that file contents had changed… but Adrian apparently picked the wrong choice in that dialog. Did you see any warning datalogs; were you given opportunity to save changes?

  • yes i have enabled the periodic snapshot option, and all sequence is correct as per in the thread it poped but i’m not sure about what was written on that since at that time i’m closing couple of other windows and accidentally this option also i clicked and what written on that i don’t know

  • I just added issue#4729 to ask for something that will improve the auto-save during auto-update: whether it be immediately triggering the periodic backup, and/or updating the dialog message after an auto-update, and/or asking for explicit save before starting the auto-update. I don’t know if it will happen, but it’s at least requested

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