Notepad++ Format lost when same file opened on another computer

  • Hi I am new to notepad++. That being said, I am copying a file from a computer to
    my laptop and when I open the file, the formatting is gone, it just looks like a plain text.
    How to get the (color, collapse, uncollapse, etc) functions working on the laptop too just as it is on my another computer? without having to create different formatting?

  • @Su-Na Do you have the same problem when you open the file in Notepad? My guess is yes.

  • notepad does not support formatting right?

  • @Su-Na Nor does Notepad++. They are both text editors, not word processors.

  • Probably the OP is talking about lexer-based (or plugin-based) formatting for languages such a C++, Python, XML, HTML, etc. (where the content of the file is pure text and only the view of the text is formatted/colorized). Hard to advise about what might be going wrong for him/her without more detail, though.

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