UDL Folding Fail -Help Please

  • I set up a UDL with keywords set in the code 2 style, the fold marks are sprinkled in a seemingly random pattern across my document. When I edit the document ( such as putting a new space on the opening keyword line) the fold symbol moves to the correct row, but upon touching the symbol it returns to its original incorrect position. The UDL mechanism appears faulty. This behavior is bizarre to say the least and deeply frustrating. Isn’t there anyone who has the secret recipe for getting UDL folding to work with keywords?

  • After several days hacking away at this, I found the problem was simple EOL conversion. All the scripts that I have been working originated in unix (LF). Edit->EOL Conversion->Windows (CR LF) on the file makes it obey my UDL folding.

    I would like to thank a someone who replies on this list, since I found the tip about checking the EOL in another post. Now I can’t find the post…

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