Select links by double clicking them? (or a specific part of them?)

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if there is a way to select a link easily with a double click. I haven’t found out anything about this so far!

    When you have many to modify in big text docs, it can save you a lot of time.

    Selecting link with the usual "drag cursor " way is not very convenient, and often screws up with horizontal scrolling for long links.


  • @Caribou-Ailé

    How about a single click? Go to Settings (menu) and choose Preferences… and then:


  • Ahhh…maybe you just want to select them in Notepad++, not goto them…the problem with easily selecting them is defining a pattern for them that works for all possible links…if you can do that, then there is a reasonable way to select them.

  • Thanks Scott for your quick answer!

    But you’re right, the problem is to select them, not to go to the link ^^

    the pattern would be selct between “” (“link”). That should work without problems, but i haven’t seen where I can set this .

    PS: excuse me, I needed to wait 1200 seconds to answer as a new user :/

  • @Caribou-Ailé

    PS: excuse me, I needed to wait 1200 seconds to answer as a new user :/

    The wait is OVER! I have given you 2 upvotes. :-)

    the pattern would be selct between “” (“link”).

    Links in general aren’t surrounded by ". Are you saying that for your case, they always are? If so, then as long as you are slightly in front of a link, you could perform this search and it will leave your link-text selected (what is inside the double-quotes), assuming well-formed links of course:

    Find what zone: (?<=")[^"]+
    Backward direction: unticked
    Search mode: Regular expression

    You could record this into a macro and bind it to a keycombo for maximum ease-of-use.

  • Thanks a lot for your answer and the upvotes!

    I forgot to mention it was HTML links, that’s why they where between “”.

    In order to not select other HTML code, I have modified to (?<=href=")[^"]+ and it works like a charm, thanks a lot!

    I will see how to make a macro!

  • It works perfectly, great!

    Thank you again!

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