Viewing infected PHP file I don't see the dangerous code

    The PHP file shown in the image can be found HERE.
    Save it (without the .txt so it is “catagory.php”) and then

    we don’t I see the malicious code when viewing “catagory.php” using Notepad++ ?

    BTW have been using Notepad++ for many, many years now - GREAT Programmers Editor!

  • Do you notice how small the lower horizontal scroll bar is in Notepad++ window in that image? Scroll right, and you’ll see the code. Or toggle View > Word Wrap on, which will cause Notepad++ to wrap long lines, so you can see them.

    (windows notepad is automatically line-wrapping for you)

  • Problem resolved, I need to activate View - Show Symbol - Show Whitespace and TAB.
    THEN we can see the … and no there is something at the end of the line,
    or, alternatively I could turn on Word Wrap!

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