How to Recover Unsaved and deleted Notepad++ files?

  • Hi,

    I was copying the data from one laptop to another laptop. I have few txt files open in Notepad ++. I did CTRL + A from D Drive copied to external Harddisk. After the copy, I did Shift + DEL in D drive. I closed those unsaved files in Notepad ++. It looks like the files which were open in Notepad ++ were not copied to my external which eventually lead to loss of those files.

    I am trying to recover using “EaseUS Data Recovery Winzard”. It lists those files,but when i preview that file,it just shows me junk characters. For other text files which were not open at the time of delete, it recovery correct text.

    Is there any way to recover it ?


  • Open-but-unsaved files live in %AppData%\Notepad++\Backup (assuming you have the Settings > Preferences > Backup > Enable session snapshot and periodic backup enabled – which I believe you do, since you seem to have the expectation that unsaved files are somehow “safe”).

    Assuming your recovery wizard (or however their trademark spells it) recovered your %AppData% (or if your %AppData% is on C: instead of D:, and thus isn’t deleted), then it could be that your unsaved files are available in %AppData%\Notepad++\Backup.

    Otherwise, if recovery software hasn’t helped, there’s not much more to be done. This might be a good lesson to you that with any application that edits files (not just Notepad++), even if it has auto-save of some sort, you need to take ownership for the task of preserving data; the more important your data is, the more important it is that you play an active role in saving and backing up that data.

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