command to compile and execute code in COBOL

  • I have a cobalt code and I would like to compile it

  • @Davila-w.w

    I would use npp_exec plugin in order to achieve this but you can use the standard Run menu as well, depends how flexible you want to be.


  • … For example, here’s an NppExec script that I use to save, compile, and run a standalone C++ program:

    g++ "$(FILE_NAME)" -o "$(NAME_PART)"
    npp_run cmd.exe /k "$(NAME_PART)"

    For compiling cobol, you would use your cobol compiler rather than “g++”, and would have to format the command line appropriately; if your compiler is not in your path, you will have to do something like “c:\full\path\to\compileCobol.exe”.

    If you don’t want to also run the program when compiled, then you could just remove the “npp_run …” command from the NppExec script.

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