Find in Files "Keyword" and the following "#" of lines

  • I have this log folder with many files in it naming a server and it’s CPU and Memory status

    I would like to find server name and copy the lines after it

    like follows

    mycomputername in 8/1/2018 @ 0:0:01

    CPU (%) Mem ( %) Disk (GB) Drive Size Free Space Percent Free

    12% 63% D: 100 51.5 52%

  • @Hussam-Mahmoud-El-Maghraby

    not 100% sure I understand what you want to achieve.
    Am I right to assume that the find result window should display all three lines as a single match?
    If so, afaik this doesn’t work - it shows only one line but if you click on that line it will
    open the file with the three lines preselected.

    Or do you have something other in mind?


  • @Hussam-Mahmoud-El-Maghraby

    To get good help, you’re probably going to have to show a bit more data. Sure, some ambitious people here could make some guesses (i.e., do a lot of mental work), but why put them thru that?

    Put 4 spaces on the front of every line of data in Notepad++ before copying and pasting here, for best results. If you see a black background on your data in the preview pane as you are composing your post, you are doing it right. Such a black box would look like this:

    I acutally have 4 spaces before the "I", when I was Composed
    Me, too, but before my "M"

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