Find and replace subset of string

  • Hi there,

    I have a large file in which I want to replace any strings in my file where Buchwert has a decimal place and replace it with 0

    So this is ok
    bestand="-6718" buchwert=“0” wrtmndrng_kmlrt=“0”

    But this is a problem
    bestand=“6719” buchwert=“0.831392131958484” wrtmndrng_kmlrt=“0”

    How do I do it without deleting anything past the second "?

  • In the end I got this working with:

    Find what:
    "buchwert=“0.[0-9]+” "


  • Search for Regular Expression: buchwert="0\.\d+"
    Replace with: buchwert="0"

    If you need to replace any number with decimals search for buchwert="\d+\.\d+"

  • Ok, I see you found it by yourself. Note that \d is equivalent to [0-9]. But you need to escape the "." to "\." or else it will match any character e.g. “0n234” would also match.

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