Need to show error line which is needs to be linked with respective line

  • Hello guys,

    I am a frequent user of N++. So i have the suggestion to improve the XML plugin development.

    Usually when validate the xml file using with XML tool plugin, the error shows but not show the exact line number. It will hard to find sometime. So i would suggest when i got the error, which needs to be show the line number and i can able to click the error it will go to the exact place of the error.

    Can anyone advise this is possible in N++?

  • This is not the right place to post a feature request for a Notepad++ plugin. The site of the respective plugin should be used for that.

    In case of the XML plugin it would be this site (it’s a compound site for a bunch of Npp plugins). And there you can find this ticket which already addresses your issue. It was opened one year ago, maybe we will see a fix for it in the next release.

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