How to assign an unused shortcut?

  • I want to assign a shortcut to my new macro, but I’m just not so sure about which combinations of keys are available. So I want to find the file that stores the shortcut mapper data, and manually search for the shortcuts that already exist.
    I found some of the shortcuts are stored in shortcuts.xml . The problem is that the <InternalCommands> tag doesn’t list all the existing shortcut key combinations.
    Any ideas?

  • @古旮

    Truly your best method for achieving what I think you really want is to just pick a shortcut combo you want to use and try to assign it. Notepad++ will tell you if it is already used for something else.

    Only shortcut overrides to the defaults are stored in shortcuts.xml, so you aren’t going to be able to get a complete picture from looking at that.

  • Thanks for the reply. NPP 7.5.5 on my computer does behave as you say. I was using version 6.9.2 which doesn’t have his feature when posting this question. Problem solved.

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