Programming language not being saved.

  • The programming language is not being saved in. If the language was set in a previous version it cannot be changed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 7.5.8 and downgraded to 7.5.7 but no change. My OS is Win10v1803.
    This problem has only just appeared in the last week or so.
    Any ideas?

  • Notepad++ is used to edit plain text files.
    A syntax highlighting lexer can be applied to the text file so it will be displayed with colors.
    Notepad++ tries to guess the appropriate lexer from the file extension. Usually it works since extensions are tightly coupled to language.
    If it does not then the lexer can be manually selected from the Language menu.
    In any case nothing related to Language is ever ‘saved’. Notepad++ only saves the file’s plain text. If your file’s extension is not associated to your desired language then you will have to manually select the language every time you open the file.

    If you need to add or fix file extension association to language it can be done from: Settings -> Style Configurator
    Select the language and observe: Default ext and User ext.

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