What does the "Wrap around" check box do in 'search', 'replace' and 'mark' tabs?

  • Dear Folks
    I am here again with another question.

    I ask because I could not get any help file for notepad++ from its help menu. Be that as it may, what does this chek box do in search and replace operations?

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  • if you start the search or replace from the middle of the file (ie, your cursor was partway through the file), it will “wrap around” to the beginning of the file and continue back through once it’s made it to the end.

    line 1
    line 2|
    line 3

    If your cursor was after the “2” (shown by vertical bar) and you searched for “line”, it would just find the third “line” if you don’t have Wrap Around enabled, but would go back and also match the first and second "line"s if Wrap Around is selected.

  • @C-Ananda-Rao

    With Wrap around ticked, the status bar in the Find window will tell you a wrap occurred if you pay attention to it:

    • Find: Found the 1st occurrence from the top. The end of the document has been reached.
    • Find: Found the 1st occurrence from the bottom. The top of the document has been reached.

    Which one you see when a wrap occurs will depend upon the state of the Backward direction checkbox.

    And in the Mark tab, text will only be redmarked from the caret location to the end-of-file (Backward direction unticked) or start-of-file (Backward direction ticked) unless Wrap around is ticked (in which case redmarking will affect the entire file).

    The interesting (read: buggy) part here is that the Backward direction checkbox is not visible on the Mark tab.

    I like to always tick Wrap around when redmarking…and avoid that confusion.

  • Thanks a lot, Mr. Peter Jones and Mr. Scott Sumner!

    Btw, is there a manual (even an old one would do) for notepad++? I mean a help file that can be opened from within notepad++?

  • @C-Ananda-Rao said:

    is there a manual

    I think there is only the Wiki …and it is somewhat out of date…but I could be wrong about there not being an actual “manual”.

  • There is the old (read-only) Notepad++ Wiki: it’s years out-of-date, but some of the basic information is still useful. (For example, the Wrap around is mentioned briefly on the Searching And Replacing page.)

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