Creating "copy buttons"

  • I have a file I use daily, with a few hundred SQL scripts that I use regularly.

    I currently use “BEGIN” and “END” tags to collapse, which helps.
    However, if I unfold the block, I then have to specifically drag and copy.

    Is it possible to put a button somewhere, that copies lines X:Y, and can be added at the beginning of each script?


  • You could write a PythonScript which would automate the copy process; after using Plugins > Python Script > Configuration to put that script into the Macro menu, you could use Settings > Shortcut Mapper to assign a keyboard shortcut to that script.

    It wouldn’t be a button, but it might do what you want.

    edit: while the official PythonScript homepage is at the link above, you should download the most recent from here, or using the Plugin Manager.

  • @PeterJones said:

    It wouldn’t be a button, but …

    Why not? Pythonscripts are tie-able to either a keycombo OR a toolbar button … :-)

  • I had forgotten about that. Do you have example (both for the OP, and for my curiosity) of how to connect a script to a toolbar button?

    (I vaguely remember from eons past that there was a toolbar-customizer plugin, but I never got into that one. Is the toolbar-to-py something you can “register” within the Or someplace else?)

  • @PeterJones

    how to connect a script to a toolbar button?

    It’s actually very similar to how one assigns a keycombo to a script…see Plugins (menu) -> Python Script -> Configuration…* and look to the RIGHT of the window; keyboard stuff is on the LEFT.

    For myself I only use ONE toolbar button for a PS, so I’m not sure about getting a custom graphic on this type of toolbar button…

  • Oh, right. I forgot about that panel.

    Experiment: I just added two of my scripts to that panel.

    • If you click on the name of the script after you’ve Added it, then you can Set Icon… to either an .ico or .bmp.
    • Each script in that panel can get a separate icon.
    • You have to restart Notepad++ to get the button to show up, whether you use a custom icon or don’t assign one
    • They do not give a tool-tip when you hover over them on the toolbar, so you’ll want to make sure you use meaningful icons that will tell you at a glance what they’re supposed to do. Good luck with that. :-)

    edit: those assignments go into %AppData%\Notepad++\plugins\config\PythonScriptStartup.cnf

  • Oh boy, time to learn some Python!

    This probably isn’t the most complex script, so it may be a good starting point.

    Thanks everyone!

  • @PeterJones

    They do not give a tool-tip when you hover over them on the toolbar…

    See Add tooltip with script name when hover over script toolbar button

  • @PeterJones

    this may be related to #32

    Ugh, and I looked thru the list before opening #104…double ugh!

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