HTML Edit file size bug?

  • When I edit a file with the html extension, and delete one or more large blocks of code (100 to 8000 characters or more), the selected text is deleted from the file but the file size does not change. For example, if I view the file summary before editing, it shows the file length is 6347 bytes and the document length is 6347 bytes. I select and delete 4401 characters. The summary now shows a document length of 6347 and a document length of 947. If I upload the file to my web host and display it, I see the real data followed by a part (about 3000 bytes) of the deleted data and a duplicate of the old end of the file, i.e., the deleted data overwritten by the remainder of the file. View Summary shows the proper document length but the file length is unchanged. Local display of the file shows same results as when displayed on web site.

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