Quickly toggle Doc Switcher List panel on/off

  • How can I quickly toggle the Doc Switcher List panel on/off, rather than going in the menu: Settings>Preferences>Document List Panel>Show
    Is there a way to create an ICON, macro or shortcut key to quickly toggle it?
    I have tried sliding the bar to the left to cover it, detaching it, neither is optimal. Closing it works OK, but then the only way I have found to get it back is stepping back through the Settings menu.


  • I’ve installed the LuaScript and Customize Toolbar plugins, added the following snippet to startup.lua and added a button to the toolbar.

    npp.AddShortcut("Toggle Doc Switcher", "", function()
        npp:ShowDocSwitcher( not npp:IsDocSwitcherShown() )

  • This sort of begs the question: Why is the on/off control for this handled in such an odd way?
    Why not have it be a View menu entry, just like Function List et al.?

    Makes it rather awkward for scripting languages to have to have functions to support this handling. Ugh. Well, anyway, if someone wants the Pythonscript equivalent, here goes:

    notepad.showDocSwitcher(not notepad.isDocSwitcherShown())

    Not a difficult port! :-)

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