Validate Now, not able to validate XML against schema

  • I have installed XML Tools and when I go to Plugins, Validate Now I get "Following error occurred during schema file parsing: Failed to locate the main schema resource 'ShowRepairOrder.xsd;. According to everything that I have read it should pop-up a box where I can select the schema .xsd file to compare the xml to, but I am not getting that. I have removed the XML Tools and reinstalled and I am still having the same issues. Can anyone help me with this?

  • You might want to see if my reply in Need to load XSD helps, because it sounds similar to those events.

    Specifically, I think my conclusion that I drew from those experiments, “…that XML Tools will only ask you for the schema location if it’s not embedded in the XML itself; if it is embedded, it will automatically use the one it finds”, applies to your situation as well. It’s not prompting you because you specify it; it doesn’t seem to know that if it cannot find the specified one, it should also prompt.

    I believe that when it doesn’t find the specified, it should prompt for location, rather than just giving an error, so I have added a bug report to what appears to be the GitHub home for the XML Tools plugin: issue #11

    Update Feb 25, 2020: issue #11 has been closed; the problem is fixed as of XML Tools v3.0.3.2

  • Thanks for the reply. I ended up figuring it out after talking to a co-worker that uses XML Spy. I put the XML and .xsd files in the same folder and it validated. We then found the issue with the file.

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