need help guys

  • guys my laptop have virus svchost and extended in all files and in notpad ++ and the program deleted how i can get all data and thx

    1. Eliminate the virus
    2. you can download the most recent notepad++ from to be able to install a clean copy
    3. your old settings were likely in %AppData%\Notepad++, so should still be visible (if you’re installing again on the same machine after it’s been thoroughly disinfected), or you can copy from the old machine to the new (assuming you are switching to a new machine; make sure your virus scanner has declared that whole directory “clean” before doing so)
    4. your old plugins were likely in the same directory as your notepad++ executable; if any are missing from your new installation, I would suggest re-installing them from scratch using the Plugin Manager, rather than copying them from the old installation, in case a DLL was infected and not fully cleaned
    5. your old files (what I assume you mean by “data”) – whether it be source code, or data files, or scratchpads, or whatever – are wherever you had saved them. Assuming they weren’t encrypted by a ransomware virus, or otherwise infected, you should just be able to find them wherever they were. If they were encrypted by ransomware, let’s hope you had a backup. (Backups are really your responsibility: there are features to help in Notepad++ “backup” preferences, but keeping and maintaining a safe backup set are beyond the scope of just notepad++.)

    If this doesn’t answer your question, you will have to give more specifics, especially with how it relates to Notepad++, other than Notepad++ being what you happened to use to edit the text files.

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