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  • Is there still a copy of some of the older programming languages syntax highlighting??

    I am looking for Basic or GW Basic or macro languages.

  • BASIC: native lexers? No.

    • well, there is hte Visual Basic lexer, which is a reasonable approximation
    • there is the user defined language (UDL) capability. this outdated NppWiki article links to a couple of BASIC-like UDL files. I don’t know if they’re still valid links, or how compatible they are, but it might be worth starting there
      • I’ve made a UDL for the particular flavor of BASIC for the TI99-4/a HOME COMPUTER from the early 80s; if you’d like that as an example, I can dig it up and make it available publically. Let me know.
    • this post links to some of @Claudia-Frank’s excellent work on a lexer implemented in pythonscript, which might be able to be customized to suit your purposes

    macro languages: you’ll have to be more specific.

  • Apparently, my TI BASIC UDL was lost… so I created a new one this morning: gist:ti-basic-udl.xml

    For the curious:

    • keywords1 = commands
    • keywords2 = TI EXTENDED BASIC commands
    • keywords3 = statements
    • keywords4 = TI EXTENDED BASIC statements
    • keywords5 = functions
    • keywords6 = TI EXTENDED BASIC functions
    • keywords7 = subprograms
    • keywords8 = TI EXTENDED BASIC subprograms

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