Run html from css tab

  • Sorry for asking, i´m new at web developing: supposse i have two tabs, one with html code and the other one being css corresponding to the html tab, the question is:
    how can i launch the html code from it´s css corresponding tab?
    i don´t want to save css tab and then go to html tab to launch it.
    thanx for your help

  • Unfortunately, that’s really what effectively needs to be done, when using the edit-then-launch workflow. You could try to automate the process (write a PythonScript which would save the current file, grab the filename, then search through other open documents, looking for a HTML file that links to that css filename, then launches that HTML). But, honestly, that seems like the hard way to me.

    If it were my workflow, when I opened the HTML and the CSS, I would load the HTML into my browser. Then any time I save the HTML or CSS file, I would just hit the browser’s reload button to refresh what’s there.

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