Remove default extension in Style Configurator

  • I’d like to open *.S files as if they are Assembly files (same as *.asm).

    I can add “S” to “Assembly” in the style configuration user defined extensions. But, I cannot remove the current mapping for “S” which is assigned to the “R” language.

    Therefore, “S” files will always be opened as if they are “R” language files.

    How do I remove “S” file types from the “R” language parser?

  • Didn’t try it by myself but my guess is:
    Settings --> Preferences --> Language Menu
    Move ‘R’ to disabled.

  • You have to edit the file


    Search the following Language node:

    <Language name="r" ext="r s splus" commentLine="#">

    You have to remove the s in the value of the attribute ext.

  • Thanks, this worked. maybe the GUI setting could allow this in the future.

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