Just installed update, now can't find my stuff!

  • Hi, first of all, I am practically technologically illiterate so I apologise in advance if I am simply being a bit stupid here.
    I’ve just installed the recommended update to Notepad++ but when I then opened it to work on my website I could not find my data. Normally, I click on the icon on my desktop and it takes me straight to the place I need to be. Now, a window opens but none of the tabs I usually see are there. I’m sure the stuff is still there somewhere, I just can’t find it.
    Any help would be most gratefully received, please remember to use very simple language and assume I know very little!
    With many thanks, Sue

  • @Sue-Starnes

    You don’t know where your files are located on disk? I hope they are not important to you, as without knowing where they are it is pretty difficult to make sure you regularly create backup copies. And if you don’t create backup copies you will surely one day lose it all.

  • Maybe you are lucky and find the latest used files under File and depending on the amount of open files they are listed there and “Open All Recent Files” opens them again or they are in a submenu.

  • A non-notepad++ solution: open windows explorer (WinKey+E), assuming you have modified them recently: Go to the SEARCH🔎 bar, type datemodified: (all one word, with the colon). This will bring up a calendar; you can select a date (click) or range of dates (drag). This will then search your computer for files modified on that date (or in that date range).

    Once you find your file(s), right click, Open File Location. Make a note of what directory it finds. Repeat for any remaining file(s). Don’t forget these directories… that’s where you will want to look for the files in the future.

  • @Sue-Starnes

    I think what you mean is that normally when you open Notepad++, the files you were editing are already present in the editor (each file with its own tab). Is that right?

    If so, I think the culprit is the installer. Unfortunately, it makes little or no effort to preserve your current settings or modifications.

    There are ways to manually “install” a new version and keep most if not all your current settings; but, if you are “practically technologically illiterate”, it would be a lot of trouble to try and explain how to do it. Sorry.

  • @PeterJones said:

    Don’t forget these directories… that’s where you will want to look for the files in the future.

    AND…most importantly, although I’m 99% sure this advice will be ignored, these are the directories you create independent backup sets from.

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