Delete a character

  • How can I delete just the “0” at the begining of a line ?

    Result wanted:


  • find what = ^0+
    replace with = `` (empty)
    make sure you’re in regular expression mode

    FYI: if you have further regex needs, study this FAQ and the documentation it points to. Before asking a new regex question, understand that many of us will expect you to show what data you have (exactly), what data you want (exactly), what regex you already tried (to show that you’re showing effort), why you thought that regex would work (to prove it wasn’t just something randomly typed), and what data you’re getting with an explanation of why that result is wrong. When you show that effort, you’ll see us bend over backword to get things working for you. If you need help formatting the data so that the forum doesn’t mangle it (so that it shows “exactly”, as I said earlier), see this help-with-markdown post, where @Scott-Sumner gives a great summary of how to use Markdown for this forum’s needs.

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