[Plugin Update] LuaScript v0.8

  • A long overdue update to LuaScript v0.8 has been released and can be downloaded here

    LuaScript is a plugin for Lua scripting capabilities. This provides control over all of Scintilla’s features and options with a light-weight, fully-functional programming language. For an overview, see the readme.

    Changelog includes:

    • Added the luawinfile module which supports file-system interactions with full UTF-8 support. This can be accessed in LuaScript by using winfile. Documentation is currently lacking but they are still usable. Parts of this library are similar to luafilesystem which can be used as a reference.
      • winfile.dir
      • winfile.currentdir
      • winfile.chdir
      • winfile.touch
      • winfile.mkdir
      • winfile.rmdir
      • winfile.attributes
      • winfile.remove
      • winfile.rename
      • winfile.execute
      • winfile.getenv
      • winfile.loadfile
      • winfile.dofile
      • winfile.open
      • winfile.popen
      • winfile.shortname
      • winfile.personaldir
    • Overhauled the auto-completion to dynamically handle tables and their associated meta-tables.

    As always questions, comments, and feedback are welcome.

  • Just a quick question, but how to I update the plugin manager itself? It’s stopped download the list when “use development plugin list is ticked” and come up with an error about being unable to download the list (which I assume is related to this update?)

  • @Jonathan-H Currently there is an issue with the certificate of the dev list, see also https://github.com/bruderstein/nppPluginManager/issues/132

  • Hi, @dail, and All,

    Many thanks for your new V0.8 version of your Lua plugin !

    I just tried, briefly, to test the functions of the Luawinfile module. Up to now, I understood all the functions, listed below, with a short example of each of them !

    winfile.getenv ("path")                                => C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem
    winfile.currentdir ()                                  => D:\@@\758
    winfile.personaldir ()                                 => D:\
    winfile.chdir ("D:\\@@\\758\\plugins")                 => MOVE to the "D:\@@\758\plugins" folder, which becomes the CURRENT dir
    winfile.mkdir ("Test Folder")                          => CREATE the directory "Test Folder", under CURRENT directory
    winfile.rmdir ("Test Folder")                          => DELETE the directory "Test Folder", under CURRENT directory
    winfile.shortname ("First Test.txt")                   => Return the "8.3" representation of "First Test.txt" file ( FIRSTT~1.TXT )
    winfile.dofile ("First Test.txt")                      => EXECUTE "LUA code" contents of "First Test.txt" file
    winfile.rename ("First Test.txt" , "Second Test.txt")  => RENAME "First Test.txt" file as "Second Test.txt"
    winfile.touch ("Second Test.txt")                      => UPDATE modification / access time of "Second Test.txt" file to CURRENT time
    winfile.remove ("Second Test.txt")                     => DELETE "Second Test.txt" file

    But, as I haven’t begun to study, seriously, lua [scripting] language, as well as Python language and the NppExec plugin ( Yes, It’s a pity :-< ), I couldn’t find out, at first sight, the right behavior of all the other functions, below :

    winfile.attributes ( Though, it should be obvious ! )
    winfile.dir        ( It should allow to SCAN any file of a folder ? )

    So, Dail, if you don’t mind, could you give me/us a brief description of these functions ? Thanks, in advance ;-)

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038

    Some of them as you have found are fairly simple to understand. To clarify the rest of them you listed:

    • winfile.attributes is a UTF-8 implementation of the LuaFileSystem library’s attributes function. It is able to query various file attributes. I recommend looking at the link to see the full details.
    • winfile.dir is a UTF-8 implementation of the LuaFileSystem library’s dir function. And as you guess is used for iterating directories. An example can be seen here for recursively walking a directory.
    • winfile.execute is a UTF-8 implementation of the Lua built-in function os.execute for executing shell commands
    • winfile.loadfile is a UTF-8 implementation of the Lua built-in function load for loading (i.e. parsing and compiling) Lua code
    • winfile.open is a UTF-8 implementation of the Lua built-in function io.open for reading and writing to files.
    • winfile.popen is a UTF-8 implementation of the Lua built-in function io.popen to start an external process and return a file descriptor for reading/writing

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