G-Code posts finicky

  • Hi there,

    I’ve been mucking about in the style configurator, with a success to some degree, however I’m in need of some assistance.
    I’m trying to get Fusion360 to post for a Fanuc, but it posts the letters/numbers right after each other, confusing the style configurator. It’s most likely to save on number of characters, as the old machines don’t have too much memory, but it makes for sloppy viewing.
    To demonstrate what I’d like to do, I’ve made a screenshot here:
    What I’m trying (emphasis an the try part can not be underestimated) is to get the F and M words to separate without editing the post-processor (for now), because that’s a programming step to far for me. I’m still going to have to, but that’s a different problem. Okay, in short this post doesn’t put the order of things to my machine’s liking (especially the tool change) and for making everything look neat it’d be awesome to have it actually separated.
    So basically, I want the Fxxxx.xxx (for Feedrate followed by the rate) in the blue like it is on line 14. For some reason this color scheme is conflicting with M9 as well (as seen on line 13, 33 and 46 as well) and for the past hour I’ve been scratching my left ear on what it is.
    If I put F in the “operators & delimiters” tab with the rest of 'm it appears like it’s a X, Y or Z value, which is nice, but not really orderly. And definitively not neat.
    It’s probably something dumb, for sure, so any laughing will be tolerated.

  • Hello can you share a sample of your code and the .xml style sheet ?

  • Sure no problem, I’ve uploaded them to a folder here:

    Thanks for helping!

  • Unfortunately it seems that you are facing a limitation of the highlighting system of npp.
    Unless you don’t tweek the postpro npp won’t be able see what is the diferences between two operators right next to each other.

    If you want to go deeper in syntax highlighting consider looking at this tread. Regex are more powerfull than the matching system of UDL thus you will be able de design more precise hilighting at the cost of less intuitive colorisation process. Remember that what you are looking for is some kind of lexer. Npp use .lex files for buit-in langages according to this source.

    If you are searching for more ΛΞSTHΣTIC results in syntax hilighting consider some professional softwares like SublimeText or Atom wich is free but this are way much more than text editors. That makes me thinking since G-code is meant to be used on CNC machine with Poor display capabilities why do you want to be super precise on that topic?

  • Ah ok no worries, I’ll just dive into getting the PostProcess right then.
    Also, it doesn’t have to be precise for the machine, it’s for the guy that’s checking the program before it gets sent (me). I’m a bit… odd at times and keep tinkering with stuff untill I get it to work the way I want it to, or make it work to the best of capabilities; either mechanical or mental.
    This instance it’s for an older Fanuc 0m that needs the toolcall and toolchange on different lines, with 32K (yes K) memory, so nothing super exciting happening, it’s just that I see a challenge when my expectations meet reality, and in this case I needed a bit of a help.

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