Perl sigils: select sigils as part of variable with Double Click and Shift+Left/Right Arrows

  • Let consider Perl code like:
    $var_name = 5;
    @var_name =(1, 5);
    %var_name = (a => 5);
    $coderef = &var_name;

    As for now when I double click on ‘var_name’ NPP selects ‘var_name’ part of line only, but not $@%& symbols.

    If I try to select ‘var_name’ by pressing ‘Shift+ Left Arrow’ when cursor at the end (or just after) of the ‘var_name’ NPP also selects
    only part of the string without $@%& symbols.

    Is it possible to configure NPP to select $@%& symbols as a part of the identifier (word) for specific languages, not globally?

  • And why separately? Are they interfering?

  • @gapsf

    Where you say “Shift+Arrow” don’t you mean “Shift+Ctrl+Arrow”?

    Maybe the following will help you:

    Invoke Settings menu and choose Preferences…, then:


    In the screenshot I only added $…add others as you like.

  • @Scott-Sumner
    Yep, “Shift+Ctrl+Arrow”.
    Your advice helped.

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