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  • Hello dear Community ^^

    I want to know if it is possible to “select a text” in a notepad++ page, and then open this text in a website (by transposition)? Through a shorcut or properties (right click)…

    For example I want to put a selection in “one click” on the translator DeepL. Is it possible to do it in the Original Version of Notepad++ or do we need a special module ?

    Thanks <3

  • You can use the “Search on Internet” feature for this.

    1. Open Settings (menu) -> Preferences -> Search Engine (register card).
    2. Activate radio button Set your search engine here:
    3. Type the following into the input field below the radio buttons:$(CURRENT_WORD) where you have to set the language codes de (from-language) and en (to-language) to your needs.

    Now, when you select some words in a Notepad++ document and right-click the selection you can click on Search on Internet - the DeepL site will open with your selected words and the related translation.

  • ++@dinkumoil: that’s a great solution, if you never use the “Search on Internet”, and only want one selected-text-to-website command.

    @vincity-taymodaimo, If you want to be able to have more than one, you can add it (or them) to the Run menu by the following instructions:

    [assumes a normal installation of Notepad++]:

    1. Save all files and close all instances of Notepad++

    2. Open one instance of Notepad++. Don’t open any other instances while executing the following steps, unless directed by these steps

    3. Open %AppData%\Notepad++\shortcuts.xml

    4. Go down to the <UserDefinedCommands> section; there should be entries like launch in Firefox or wikipedia search or similar

    5. add a line similar to the following

       <Command name="Translate DE to EN" Ctrl="no" Alt="no" Shift="no" Key="0">$(CURRENT_WORD)</Command>
      • you could add a keyboard shortcut here, if you know the KEYCODE for the given key; but I find it easier to follow the final step, below
      • if you have other commands, do them similarly
    6. Save %AppData%\Notepad++\shortcuts.xml, close the file, then close Notepad++

    7. Open Notepad++

    8. The Run menu should contain Translate DE to EN. Highlight a German word in Notepad++; Run > Translate DE to EN. Your default browser should open a window or tab with the translation.

    9. If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut,

      • go to Run > Modify shortcut/delete command (or Settings > Shortcut Mapper > Run Commands),
      • select Translate DE to EN
      • Modify
      • Select your desired shortcut
      • Ok
      • Close

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