Search and replace inside the same blocks

  • Is it possible to do search and replace only inside the same blocks of several strings

  • For example: I marked a group of five lines. I want to find the same groups throughout whole text and make the same replacements for each of them. Is it possible?

  • You need a featur called “multi-line find and replace”. E.g. the ToolBucket plugin contains it.

  • Hello, @anatol-sam,

    I think so. But we need some details, about the text to change !

    Simply, give us one or several example(s) of the bunch(es) of text which you want to search AND the corresponding text which you expect, for each bunch, after the S/R operation !

    To be sure that your text will NOT be interpreted with the Markdown syntax, used on this site, simply wrap all your BEFORE and AFTER stuff with, either :

    • The starting line ```z and the ending line ``` ( using the backquote / backtick character ` )

    • The starting line ~~~z and the ending line ~~~ ( using the tilde character ~ )

    For instance :

    I have :

    Your BEFORE stuff

    And I would like :

    Your AFTER stuff

    So, in short, give us some material to think about :-))

    Best Regards


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