Need help search and replace with wildcards

  • Need to replace , with . in a json file but only for certain lines
    I have many lines that look like this
    , “VALSUM”:“92,55964588409961”

    	, "VALSUM":",25"
    	, "VALSUM":"9266,34657"

    and only should replace lines that contain VALSUM all other lines with comma should stay untouched
    I was hoping to solve it with regex
    “VALSUM”:"\d*,\d*" seems to work so I find the line but replace
    “VALSUM”:"\d*.\d*" does not work
    Please help

  • @Patrick-Huebgen6
    Good attempt. As you say your find regex worked. Unfortunately you cannot use the same type of information in the replace string.

    May I suggest you read
    for good documentation on how a regex works. I have tried looking for good information on the replace field, but most concentrate on the Find field so you might need to look quite hard. If I find one i will post back.

    In the meantime use the following:
    Find What:(VALSUM":"\d*),(\d*)
    Replace with:\1\.\2

    You will see I put brackets around 2 groups in the find window. These are referenced by \1 and \2 in the replace window. As the “.” is special I had to put a ‘delimiter’ before it so that it’s recognised as being the “.” character. I tested it

    See if that helps you.


  • Thank you - worked perfect!

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