File creation differes (Notepad++ & Winscp) vs Nano under SSH ??

  • Hello

    I created a “config.gateway.json” with some rules that was created with Notepad++ that was not recognised by my Unifi Linux Controller due to some unkown issue.

    I manage to get it fixed by just Cut & Pasting the Same rules straight into my SSH Nano Editor and the Controller accepts the created File.

    Is this bug in Notepad++ doing something to the file, or rather a SCP file transfere problem in WinSCP?

  • My immediate guess would be line endings (assuming you are creating your file in Notepad++ and then transferring to a linux box via WinSCP). You can solve this either by setting WinSCP to transfer in ASCII mode, or you can change the line ending in Notepad++ before you save the file in Notepad++: Edit > EOL Conversion > Unix (LF).

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