UTF-8 option has a bom problem! Please give us utf-8 without bom option again

  • A few days ago, i changed my site’s wp-config file on notepad++ and saved as UTF-8. But i had a problem about bom. Because of this fact, i can’t reached my admin panel of my site. And my site’s hosting company technical supporters said me that your wp-config file was with bom, we changed it as without bom. And then I can reach my admin panel again. I think you’re wrong; UTF-8 is not UTF-8 without bom. Please fix it. Cause we have to change htaccess file and i don’t have any solution how can I save UTF-8 without bom!

  • I guess you use Notepad++ with a russian locale. This locale has the known problem that the menu entries regarding UTF-8 in the Encoding menu are not in sync with the encoding indicator in the status bar of Notepad++.

    UTF-8 without BOM:

    • In the Encoding menu (translated): Encode in UTF-8 without BOM
    • In the status bar: UTF-8

    UTF-8 with BOM:

    • In the Encoding menu (translated): Encode in UTF-8
    • In the status bar: UTF-8-BOM

    A fix is on its way and will be part of the next release, see here.

    As a temporary workaround you could integrate the patch above manually into your russian.xml file. You can find this file in <Installation-Path-of-Notepad++>\localization.

    After you did that there are 2 possible ways to activate the changed language file:

    1. Start Notepad++, switch to an arbitrary language and then back to russian again.
    2. Copy the changed russian.xml file to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++ and rename it to nativeLang.xml.

    Please note: You have to follow only one of the two steps above!