Large file support

  • Hi N++,

    I love N++ but its lack of large file (many gigabytes) support leaves me stuck and looking for alternatives every time a user sends us a large log. I imagine some of this depends on Scintilla but I see that it offers the beginnings of large file support based on their site: “Version 4.0.5 adds experimental support for documents larger than 2 GigaBytes.”

    Is this something I can expect from N++ at some point?

    Thank you,

  • I had the same question in the past and the answer was (kind of) npp is a free editor and you can’t be expecting much more than what it offers (which are not negligible of course),
    if you want to edit large files you can try with ultraedit or even better, emeditor, which is the best in large files, both of these apps are paid of course

  • What are large files in you case? At least the 64 bit version of N++ should do better on that compared to the 32bit one.

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