Accent whith Autocompletion

  • Hello there,
    I’m using a User Defined Language to write my pseudo-code, and I’ve wrote an autocompletion file for it. As I’m French, I’m using accents in some keywords, but the autocompletion replaces my accents letters with other characters. For instance, ‘é’ is replaced with ‘é’.

    Is there a way to force the autocompletion to use correct UTF-8 characters ?

  • The files where the autocompletion lists are stored are XML files. You should be able to either set the encoding in the XML header to be something that’s unicode (an example from mine is encoding="Windows-1252", and that’s not a unicode encoding); also, you might be able to use &-entities (Á, for example) to make sure it’s the right character, regardless of encoding (I don’t recall offhand whether attribute values expand XML entities, but I think they do).

  • Thanks, i used UTF-8 header and it worked !

  • I just edited the xml file and for some reason, now I have the strange characters back in the autocompletion. The header is still showing UTF-8, the xml file is encodeed itself in UTF-8.
    I have tried using the &-entities but they are shown as text

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