Autocompletion and spaces

  • Hello,
    I’m writing an autocompletion xml file for a User Defined Language and I have an issue with multiple words keywords.
    For instance “Pointer on integer” -> the autocompletion shows “Pointer”, “on”, “integer”.
    How can I use it as one and only keyword ?

    thanks a lot !

  • I could not achieve this. I went another way. Use non-breaking space 160. Make a macro that replaces the non-breaking space with a regular space (160 by 32). Among other things, you can use line breaks, that is, insert multi-line text using mnemonic.
    “If&# xa0;$Trg&# xa0;Then&# x0d;&# x0a;&# x09;&# x0d;&# x0a;EndIf”
    Remove the spaces, I added them to show the code as is

    Add a hot key to the macro and after inserting auto-completion, press the hotkey.
    There is another option - use version 6.5.3. The last, which allowed the space.

  • Hey, thanks for answering. I cannot find-out how ti insert the non-breaking space in the xml file.
    If I do <KeyWord name=“pointer&nbsp;on” /> , the autocompletion returns “pointer&#160;on”

    However, it works if I insert &quot , why it doesn’t work for the &nbsp or &#160 ?

  • hi can you also complete an entire string like this? <KeyWord name="rect x=“0” y=“0” "/ >

  • Not that @Raphael is around any more, but since @Adriano-Ellero re-vivified this thread:

    @Adriano-Ellero’s question, which is a duplicate of the OP here, was asked again in a new thread, and I answered that specific one there – with an answer that contained the essentials from @AZJIO-AZJIO’s answer in this thread.

    @Raphael’s question, as to why &quot worked but &nbsp didn’t: As I’ve seen before (and confirmed on Wikipedia), XML only has a limited subset of named entities, including quot, amp, apos, lt, gt; in XML, anything else needs to be entified in either numeric &#nnnn; or hexadecimal &#xhhhh; entity-notation, or needs the entity name defined in the DTD. HTML, on the other hand, has hundreds of named entities, including nbsp. Since the autoCompletion XML files are written in XML, they are limited to XML syntax for entities.

    However, as @Raphael pointed out, &#160; appears to not work in the autoCompletion file – if my autoCompletion file has

            <KeyWord name="rect&#xa0;x=0&#xa0;y=0" />
            <KeyWord name="rect160&#160;x=0&#160;y=0" />

    … then the first properly auto-expands to rect x=0 y=0, where the space-like characters are non-breaking spaces (NBSP). But the second expands to rect160&#160;x=0&#160;y=0. That seems to be a bug in the way that Notepad++'s autoCompletion parses the XML (either that, or the Wiki article is wrong that XML can handle &#nnnn; entity notation; I am not an XML expert, so do not know).

  • wow   it worked even with quoted text i.e. <rect x=‘0’ y=‘0’ />

    thanks @PeterJones
    thenks @Raphael

    Unfortunately the final result is that a special character ( ) that is invisible and seems to be an empty space is transferred into my code file and the html style is not able to recognize the entire string as a tag.

    To solve this in the end i have to cancel by hand the invisible   and replace it with a “Normal” empty space.

    Still not ideal solution.

    Once again thanks for the huge effort. Really appreciated. Great community.

  • @Adriano-Ellero said:

    To solve this in the end i have to cancel by hand the invisible   and replace it with a “Normal” empty space.

    Seems like you could make that part as painless as possible by recording a macro of the replacement and tying that macro’s execution to a convenient keycombination.

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