delete both duplicates regexp macro?

  • @guy038
    off topic regarding garden work:
    if your garden is as detailed and thorough as everything else you do, i’d gladly invite you to help me out in mine … the amount of daily magnolia leafs to collect is currently killing me this year and i’ve not been able to control my rakes and brooms with an adequate, repeatable regex ;-)

  • (?-s)^(.+#).\R(\1.\R)+ doesn’t work for my case,
    it doesn’t find any occurrences

  • @guy038 said:

    I’m looking for the results of your own tests, relative to the biggest block of consecutive identical lines, correctly handled by the six regexes A to F, above, and the test file, below

    So it might be worth pointing out a good method for creating an arbitrary (i.e., large!) number of the abcdefghij#9999999999 lines in your request.

    Here’s what I would do:

    • put caret on that line in a tab created for the purpose of testing this
    • start macro recording
    • press ctrl+d (to execute the Duplicate Current Line function)
    • stop macro recording
    • go to the Macro menu and choose Run a Macro Multiple Times…
    • fill in the prompt box entries and press Run (to create the desired number of lines)

    To see how many lines of this type you’ve currently got, simply do a literal Count search for abcdefghij#9999999999.

  • @guy038 said:

    So, guys, if you don’t mind, I would like you to test the regex C , with the first test file, above, in order to verify if it is “laptop-dependent”. I means, may be, results are not pertinent with my weak Windows XP configuration !?

    I did this and obtained exactly the same results as you did, @guy038. Specifically, OK with 21524 identical lines, and NOT OK with 21525 identical lines. I tried both the shorter and longer versions of those “middle” lines in the file. All this using Notepad++ 7.2.2, 32-bit. I doubt that any other (reasonable) version of Notepad++ will show different results.

  • @guy038,

    Do you have more to say on this topic? I’m interested…

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