BUG? Save As - paste folder (Path) Error, but when ignored works

  • Hi, new here;-)
    The last few versions has a bug (I think).

    When I save a new file in windows, I often do not browse to the correct folder, but paste the folder path in the filename field. (I.e. d:\my_home_folder\my_notepad_folder)
    Then the screen jumps to the correct folder and then I type the filename.
    Quick and simple. Works in all office programs.

    I used this in notepad++ also, but since a few versions (somewhere at the beginning of 2018??) I receive an error.
    (from in my example above) “my_notepad_folder” already exists. Do you want to replace it?
    In the beginning I was scared, but as it looked like, it was only a message,and did not delete the folder.
    Just press Yes, type the filename en press save.

    BUT it’s a bug.
    How can this be reported to the bugsquad?

  • this FAQ explains how to report a bug (or make a feature request)

  • @Guido-Brinkman

    And please search for this first in the reported bugs, before creating a new one. I’m sure it already exists…and you can add any new info to an existing issue if you think it is deficient.

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