Run the 32-bit and 64-bit versions side by side

  • I would like to install the 64-bit version on the same machine as my existing 32-bit version. Can I actually do this, as they will both end up using the same %appdata% files?

    Ideally in the end, I would like to transfer my 32-bit configuration to the 64-bit version.

  • To my knowledge that is not possible. The plugins need to be reinstalled/readded manually.
    The portable\zip version of N++ could be used in parallel for testing

  • I, too, think portable for one is probably your best choice.

    • If you want to primarily use 32-bit, but start experimenting with 64-bit, then I would leave 32-bit installed, and run 64-bit from portable.
    • If you want to primarily use 64-bit, but want 32-bit available for non-64b plugins, then install 64-bit, check registry settings (64bit on Win10 doesn’t always associate properly: see this thread and others it references), then put 32-bit into a portable directory. This should keep all your 64-bit settings the same as you used to have on 32-bit.

    After making the portable directory, you’ll then need to install plugins for your portable (as @chcg said). Also, if you want the same settings, you can copy the XML configuration files from %AppData%\Notepad++ to the portable directory.

    Good luck.

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