Single Quote string for Python

  • Hello, is there a way I can hack functionList so that I can have single-quoted string literals highlight in my editor? I tried (?s:\x27.*?\x27) but it doesnt seem to work. thanks!

  • @Richard-Haw

    I’m not sure what kind of highlighting you are looking for. The Python lexer (not the Function List) will highlight a single-quoted Python string when you type the closing single-quote, example:


  • @Richard-Haw,

    Further to what @Scott-Sumner said: When the Python Lexer is selected (either by automatic filename-extension detection when you load a .py file, or by manually selecting Language > Python or Language > P > Python), if you want single-quoted literals to be highlighted differently than double-quoted, you can change the Settings > Style Configurator > Python settings: the Style: STRING will define what highlighting gets applied to "double-quoted" strings, and Style: CHARACTER will define what highlighting gets applied to 'single-quoted' literals. By default, both those have the same color (in the “Default (stylers.xml)” theme), so if you want to distinguish those, you will have to make a change.

    For example, here I show what happens when you change CHARACTER foreground to RED instead of GREY:


  • Thanks! MINDBLOWN :O :O :O

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