Where can i get the source code of Notepad++ 1.0 or atleast the earliest version of Notepad++?

  • I wanted to imitate notepad++ in visual basic 6.0 but knowing my skills it is impossible for me do it with the latest version of notepad++, so i wanted to get the source code of notepad++ 1.0 because it seems to be easily imitated or atleast translate the code into visual basic 6.0, sorry about my grammar, thank you :)

  • Hello, @md-computer-center, and All

    Just look at the link below, where you’ll be able to download, either, the executable AND source files, of the very first release of N++, ( v1.0 ) by @don-ho, near the end of November 2003 ! ( Don’t pay attention to the last modified date indicated )


    A new era was beginning for all coders, Yeeeaaah ;-)))

    Good luck, porting N++ to Visual Basic 6.0 !



  • @MD-Computer-Center

    IMO what you really want to do is create a new VB6 project and add the Scintilla editing component to it. Maybe not directly but as some sort of “embedded control” (IDK as it has been a LOOONG time since I’ve considered VB6 for anything!).

    But Scintilla is and has always been the core of Notepad++, and I imagine N++ v1.0 is very thin on features beyond basic text editing (which is controlled by Scintilla). So looking at the N++ 1.0 source code may not give you this big boost that you are thinking it will.

    Good luck!

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