Is there documentation for macro/start recording?

  • I have only had this fine program for a few days, and was told by one of my web site members that I could create a macro to do (repetitively) some functions required to undo the unnecessary things I did using bundled NotePad. Being “an old geezer” I am a bit reluctant to just dive in and possibly screw things up marvelously. So if there is an example somewhere on the use of macroes and the provided menu item, I would dearly love to take advantage of it.

    Which of course brings me to ask the question “How do I search the discussion forum for a topic (already in existence!) that would answer this newby’s question?” somewhere on the page(s) displayed to me?

  • @gooroo-roo

    Hmmm…well I’m sure someone will come up with some reference documentation for you, but realistically if you just experiment you aren’t going to screw things up. Have a look at the items in the Macro menu and there is a group of toolbar buttons with some macro functions (the same ones as in the menu, but less of them, IIRC). The macro function is actually fairly intuitive.

    One thing to be aware of is that not EVERYTHING is recordable as a macro action. It’s hard to say what isn’t, but you might (by Murphy’s Law) be most likely to be bitten by this when you try to write something sizable and you get it 99% done.

    Good luck. And if you have any questions after experimenting a bit, feel free to ask here.

  • @gooroo-roo said:

    How do I search the discussion forum for a topic (already in existence!)

    That’s a tough one…the search facilities provided directly by the Community web site kind of stink. For myself I use Google with a site-limited search, example (put in Google’s address bar) to search for macros:

    site: macros

    [I even have a Run menu item set up in Notepad++ that runs Chrome and goes to Google and puts the first part (site: in for me automatically.]

  • Scott has pretty much covered it, but if you’re dying for something to read here’s a link to the wiki article for macros. Disclaimer: that article is almost a decade old. It’s probably still perfectly valid, but always take the wiki articles with a grain of salt since the maintenance of the wiki proved to be too much overhead for the project. There are a few other resources you can use to find information, but Scott’s google search method is going to get you most of what you’ll need.

    I’ll throw in one “new guy” plugin suggestion: NppMenuSearch will help you find a menu item, plug in command, or setting. It’s no replacement for browsing around and seeing what’s available, but it sure helps when you can’t remember where the heck you saw the thing you’re looking for.

    Good luck and welcome to NPP.

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