Command window closes automatically

  • Hi everyone!

    I’m working with Freefem++ and I’m using Notepad++ in order to edit my code. I created a new run command and everything works except one little thing. When I run my code, a command window opens compiling my code. Up to this point, everything is fine, but if I have an error in my code, the command window close immediately and I can’t see the error. Then, I looked in my folder and I saw a file “.log” where the execution is and I can see my error. Do this over and over again is exhausted and my question is if I can keep the command window open and see my error there.

    I hope I have explained well and if anyone can help me, I will be very grateful.

    If someone need more information please, let me know.


  • @Cristina-Caravaca-García

    What does your Run command look like? If it starts with, say cmd /c and then other stuff to do your thing, then perhaps a simple change to cmd /k will work.

    Another option would be to keep the .log file open in Notepad++ and then when there is a change to it Notepad++ will pop up asking you if you want to reload it…doing so and switching to it will show you your errors.

    This is kind of a big topic and it really depends upon what you truly want to achieve. You can change your command into calling a batch file and do the logic in that, or you could use the NppExec plugin and its facilities…the list of possibilities goes on and on…

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