How to save the find result without line number

  • Hi Guys,

    I am using Notepad++ v7.5.9 (32-bit), when i using search function, the find result windows showing very details include line numbers and path, the question here is we don’t want save the details like line numbers and path in the files. Please enlighten us. Thank you

  • @CG-Teh

    • Select text in Find result panel, then ctrl+c copy it: In the paste buffer will be exactly what you highlighted with the selection

    • Select text in Find result panel, then right-click -> Copy it: In the paste buffer will be complete lines that are touched (even partially) by the selection, without any search metadata

  • I use one more step:

    1. right click -> clear all (before the search)

    2. right click -> select all

    3. right click -> copy

    is there any option the panel to be automatically cleared after search?

  • @patrickdrd said

    I use one more step

    Looks like TWO more steps. :-)

    But yea, sure, depends upon what you are going after. The important part for the OP was to not get the search metadata (hits, filepaths, line numbers…) in the copy. Either touch with selection what you want before the right-click copy, or, as you say, clear it all out first and copy it all after.

    No option for automatic clearing. It really isn’t needed (IMO) as previous searches are collapsed when a new one is done.

  • yes but because I’m doing select all, it copies collapsed results too

  • @patrickdrd

    I suppose it plays to our different workflows. For me I rarely want all of the text; for you it sounds like you always want all of it. It makes Notepad++ discussion interesting and controversial–most people think that their workflow is the best/only one. That’s one reason why I like discussions here…I always learn a new way of thinking or working. It’s one thing to be a user, but to be a developer and try to keep people with different ideas happy (shudder)…my working theory is that @donho has decided to make himself happy as Notepad++'s #1 user and think about the rest of us as an afterthought. :-)

  • it depends on how long the text you want to copy is ;)

    for me, it’s long usually, so, why select all that many lines with the mouse,
    when there’s “select all” option?

  • @patrickdrd

    Right. Again, different workflows. :-)

    An additional note about selecting with the mouse for the right-click copy: I didn’t come right out and say it, but I hinted above that you can be kind of sloppy with it…you don’t have to select the full first or last line with your highlighting, but you will still get the full first/last lines in the copied data. This makes the operation faster to do when you want whole lines (most of the time? -> again, user-dependent).

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