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  • Hello! I need to find how to do cycle search in “Find” dialog. By “cycle” I mean when I click “Find next” an it is the end of document, search starts from the beginning of document.
    I do remember this checker in older version, but now I’m using v7.5.9 which has two variants:

    1. “Find next” button, “Backward direction” checker, and mode checker without explanation
    2. << button, >> button, “Backward direction” checker (which does nothing), and activated checker without explanation.
      How can I go back to simple next_button+cycle_checker search, and not to this?!

  • @Алексей-Шиганов

    This setting, maybe?:


    (although given your username I’m gonna guess that English is probably not your choice in Notepad++)

  • I supposed, that “Wrap around” means to search this paricular phrase, surrounded by space, (, ) and etc, so this phrase is wrapped around. In meaning of find dialog this option is intricate even using translation.

  • @Алексей-Шиганов

    I recall people complaining about being confused by “Wrap around” verbage before, but it is quite common nomenclature for text editors. I don’t really understand your interpretation of it, but perhaps that is due to a language barrier.

    Let’s take a poll of everyone that cares to respond:

    If you could change the phrase Wrap around to something else, would you, and what would you make it?

  • Well, I don’t believe that this option ever needed, look at small “Find” dialog in FlashDevelop: I can << to the start of document and proceed from the end, I can >> to the end of document and proceed from the start, and there are no checkboxes without explanation or “wrap around”. Perhaps, they have better big “Find” dialog, because they show all results in separate console… But, answering your question, I would call this checker “Cycled search”.

    Anyway, thank you for help!

    Can you explain what does “Backward direction” checker do, when mode checker is activated (when “Find next” button changes to <<, >>)?

  • Hi @scott-sumner,

    Interesting ! So, why not the words loop or cycle ? So Wrap around would be changed into With Loop/With Cycle or With looping/With Cycling, or may be In Loop/In Cycle. Don’t know which would be the correct American-English expression, of course ;-))



  • @Алексей-Шиганов said:

    Can you explain what does “Backward direction” checker do, when mode checker is activated (when “Find next” button changes to <<, >>)?

    Yes, Backward direction state affects the behavior of pressing Enter or Shift+Enter (with input focus in the Find window) when the << / >> user interface is active.

  • @guy038

    Interesting. I don’t like it. :-) But, to each his own! :-)

    BTW, my preference for “wrap around” verbage may be seen in the embedded image in this thread if you care to check that out.

    BTW2, I found the link to that old thread by searching the Community for “+1 for don’t use” because I remembered @PeterJones 's classic comment on my posting of that image! :-D

  • @Алексей-Шиганов said:

    I don’t believe that this option ever needed

    Well…I use this feature constantly, by not using it–in other words, by leaving Wrap around unticked. I WANT the behavior where Notepad++ WON’T wrap/cycle/loop a search when it bumps up against the end/start of file. Especially for the case of Replace All where I want to replace only from current caret position to end-of-file and not affect data above the caret.

    Occasionally I’ll want it the other way, in which case I can just tick the box (so contrary to you I think the choice rendered by this feature IS required), but for this I am much more likely to just press the Find All in Current Document button and navigate from the output that appears in the Find result panel.

  • Hi, @scott-sumner, and All,

    Like you, Scott, I rarely use the Wrap around option, because, either :

    • I’m preparing a reply on this forum, and I add the text of the OP, which is to be changed with a regex, at the end of my text, for testing and debugging

    • I’m working on a personal or test file and, to my mind, it doesn’t take more time to perform a Ctrl + Home operation than ticking the Wrap around option, anyway !

    Regarding the Wrap around option, maybe adding a visual sign, for instance , would improve its meaning :-)



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